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Driving at Woods

DOs and DON’Ts of Driving at Woods
Obviously, our primary concern related to driving at Woods is safety.  We also have an interest in making the carpool line move with efficiency, and knowing that safety and efficiency are not always friends, we have issued the following guidelines.

Please do . . .

  • drive slowly and cautiously at all times on our campus.
  • pull all the way forward along the drop-off line curb.
  • make sure your passengers are ready to exit your vehicle quickly.
  • park your vehicle if you need to switch with a student driver or if your passengers require extra assistance in gathering their belongings.
  • obey the crosswalk monitors and respect that they have a difficult task.

Please do NOT . . .

  • use your cell phone while operating a vehicle on our campus.
  • get out of your vehicle at the drop-off line if you are the driver. 
  • ever allow a passenger to exit your vehicle on the driver’s side.
  • allow passengers to exit your vehicle while you’re in the passing lane.
  • stop to unload your passengers in the crosswalk.
  • reverse in the drop-off line.
  • engage in conversations with the crosswalk monitors.