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Vanessa Costa

919-960-8353 ext. 108

Spanish Teacher : I, II, IV, V, AP

10th Grade Advisor

Spanish Club Advisor

Prom Committee Advisor




 Imagine a passionate Energizer® bunny who, instead of playing drums, does the tango, salsa and merengue. That would be me!  Once I started teaching, I found this energy to be one of my strongest assets.  Given the fact that my Latin blood leaves little room for anything mellow or subdued, I am guilty of unleashing my enthusiasm upon my students and it tends to be contagious! I am not shy about my passions, and I love seeing my students get as excited as I am about languages!

 I grew up speaking Spanish and English in Puerto Rico. My high school French teacher told us that by learning French, we get to be ourselves in a whole other language. It did not fully sink in at the time because I was already “myself” in two languages. Then I moved to Paris. What a joy it was to realize I did not have to spend my time there as a mime, struggling to make myself understood.  I could still be me - in French!   All of my students have that ability as well. I want them to be who they are, only in Spanish. They may not be able to physically travel to somewhere like Puerto Rico during the school year, but I can bring Puerto Rico here!  I try to make my lessons come to life as much as possible.  The more we apply real-life situations to what we're learning, the more valuable, useful and exciting it becomes!  

I have taught Spanish in France and Spanish and French at both Orange and Northwood High Schools. I’m thrilled to be a member of the Woods family as a teacher and parent.   

¡Hasta pronto!


1st Spanish lesson: "Costa" means "coast" ~ My ancestors lived on the coasts of Spain, Italy and Corsica which is why our name is Costa!