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I was inspired to becoming an English teacher by a string of great English teachers I had starting in the 5th grade.  Mr. Brown made us record a radio show as book characters.  Ms. Chulyak, my 6th grade teacher, helped us make a collection of poems and compile them into a book.  Mrs. Hendee helped us analyze song lyrics, and Mr. Bryan (no relation!) had us design characters and then mash them together in creative, twisted stories.  Mr. Brady made us teach the class something important; Mr. Thornburg let us rap about Shakespeare.  English class was where I was most engaged, where I was made to feel valuable and strong.

I hail from a few places in North Carolina as well as Carson City, Nevada, and I have four younger siblings who I like to visit as much as possible.  In my free time, I enjoy running, eating everything in sight, taking pictures, and being social, and I’ve got a particular appreciation for performing arts of all kinds.  My ideal day is spent moving at my own pace, hanging out with people I love and respect.

I've been at Woods Charter for six years, and I am so grateful for all I learn every day about being a better teacher, colleague, and friend.  I believe in the community of this school and the focus it puts on each student.

The best piece of advice I ever got about teaching was this:
“The students should be talking much more than you are.”
I try my best to keep this in mind with every lesson we do in 7th and 8th grade English.  Welcome.  Find your voice.