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American History I is one of two required U.S. history courses for North Carolina high school students. The other is American History II. Students not enrolled in AP U.S. History (which serves as an equivalent) must pass American History I and American History II to graduate from high school.


“American History I will begin with the European exploration of the new world through Reconstruction. Students will examine the historical and intellectual origins of the United States from European exploration and colonial settlement to the Revolutionary and Constitutional eras. Students will learn about the important political and economic factors that contributed to the development of colonial America and the outbreak of the American Revolution as well as the consequences of the Revolution, including the writing and key ideas of the U.S. Constitution. American History I will guide students as they study the establishment of political parties, America’s westward expansion, the growth of sectional conflict, how that sectional conflict led to the Civil War, and the consequences of the Civil War, including Reconstruction.


The essential standards of American History I have been designed to provide a framework for studying political, social, economic, and cultural issues, and for analyzing the impact these issues have had on American society over time….This course goes beyond memorization of isolated facts to the development of higher level thinking skills, encouraging students to make historical assessments and evaluations.”


Homework is generally not assigned independent of class time and most often is given if students do not complete work during class. 


For more information on topics, themes, late work policy, etc. see American History I syllabus under


Trimester grades





Year-end grades

Tri 1--25%

Midterm exam--10%

Tri 2--25%

Tri 3--25%

Final exam--15%



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