The Total Point System: In order to assist students to better manage and understand their grades I use the ‘total point system’. Each assignment is given a point value that indicates directly how important the assignment is. The point ‘denominations’ are usually 20, 25, 50 and 100. Students can easily determine the true 'weight' of an assignment by its point value which then allows them to see which assignment I hold most important. The student’s average is determined by dividing the total points the student earned by the total possible points they could earn. I feel this system makes grades transparent  and understandable for the student.

No single assignment will be worth so much that it alone may lower a student's average by more than one letter grade.  Most assignments allow for improved mastery throughout the unit and a resulting improved grade.

Your child’s assignments and grades will be made available to you via Powerschool.  The time between the collection of assignments and the posted grade is never more than one week. Ideally, most grades will be entered within 24 hours. I will not post assignments in the electronic gradebook ahead of time. I do not employ the gradebook as a planner. It is the student’s fundamental responsibility to track assignments. If they are not doing so, I can provide additional supports to help them take on this responsibility.

A word about academic achievement in middle school
Middle school is a time for grades to reflect a student’s academic skills as honestly as possible. It is a safe learning environment that allows students to test  and improve their skills. Middle school provides the opportunity to ‘work on the work’.  Often times, a student will experience their first ‘less than perfect’ grade in middle school. Together, we - the parent and teacher- will support them through this process, further ensuring your child’s long-term academic achievement.  Although I can not guarantee a student’s A or B grade, I can certainly make achieving that grade well within their grasp and support them as they develop the skills needed to do so.

Late Work and Low Grades. 
All work is accepted for full credit up until the unit assessment. I expect for you to complete your studies and achieve understanding, even if you require extra time to do so. If you earn a grade beneath your expectations, you are invited to revisit the assignment as many times as required to show mastery of the content. This includes tests unless otherwise indicated.