Classroom Policies

Regarding Homework:

When I do assign homework, it is usually an important part of an upcoming assessment or an opportunity for enrichment. Fridays? Get dirty! Play in mud. Climb trees. Build forts. No screen time during daylight hours! I will give an assignment probably three days a week requiring 10 to 30 minutes. If your child is putting excessive time into my class outside of class time, please let me know. If they are not working hard during class time, I will let you know!

Student Progress:

Your child should be able to discuss with you what they are learning in class. As they create their own Main Lesson Book they may bring home their work and share their progress at any time. You will receive feedback from me on your child's progress six times per year at the least. The intention of the progress report is to provide both parents and students with information and time to work out any areas of concern before the student closes out their quarterly grade.

Teaching for Mastery

At the middle school level I believe students should be encouraged to do their best, even (and especially) if it takes great effort. Students are encouraged to try again if they struggle with an assignment. If a student wishes to redo an assignment or retake a test, in most instances they may do so.