Course Objectives

Students will be able to…

  • Discuss the classes they take and give a brief description of each one
  • Express preferences
  • Describe their daily schedule
  • Tell at what time they will do something or typically do something
  • Make comparisons using phrases such as more than, less than
  • Simply describe actions that they and others do
  • Learn and consider what school life is like in another Spanish-speaking country
  • Describe the location of objects and people within a setting  
  • Identify school objects and materials
  • Identify some foods and beverages
  • Request food and drink politely
  • Discuss what they and others eat and drink during each meal
  • Keep track of their diet and exercise (on a Spanish app)
  • Discuss nutrition via the MiPlato (My Plate) model
  • Understand cultural perspectives on dieting and exercise in other countries
  • Research and analyze the cuisine of Spain, Mexico, and another country of their choice: understanding the staples of the countries, fundamental differences, and how they fit into MiPlato
  • Visit an authentic restaurant and engage with native speakers
  • Navigate a Hispanic market

Primary Text used in class: Realidades. Boyles, Peggy et al. 2011.