Course Objectives

Students will be able to…

  • Greet others and ask for basic information about them
  • Introduce and give basic information about themselves
  • Understand and practice customary ways of greeting friends and strangers
  • Count from 0-100
  • Understand and experience working with currency from Mexico
  • Tell time - formal and informal
  • Understand the cultural concept of time in Hispanic countries
  • Express dates
  • Identify their birthday on the Aztec calendar and understand the calendar's importance and cultural impact on indigenous groups
  • Describe the weather
  • Explore weather differences between the US and other Hispanic countries
  • Express what activities they and others like to do
  • Understand cultural perspectives on leisure time in Hispanic countries
  • Describe the popular free-time activities of another Hispanic country
  • Describe themselves and others using adjectives
  • Learn and understand cultural perspectives on nicknames


Primary Text used in class: Realidades. Boyles, Peggy et al. 2011.