1.      Students are expected to come to class on time with all necessary materials every day.  Just as important is a positive attitude with a willingness to learn and put forth his/her best effort every day.

2.      Students will respect their teachers, classmates, and school property.  This includes following the rules of the student handbook.  Students have a right to pursue an education in a safe environment free from distractions. 

3.      Students are encouraged to ask questions, but should raise their hand and wait to be recognized before speaking.  If a student does not understand, please ask me for help.  I am available to help outside of class. 

4.      A student may use the rest room during non-instructional time at the end of the period.  To maximize time in the classroom, students may bring a bottle of water rather than leave the room to get water. Students are only allowed to drink water in class.  

5.      All work should be done neatly in pencil, unless otherwise instructed.

6.      Students are responsible for staying on task and following given instructions.

7.      No cell phones or other electronic devices are to be used or visible in the classroom, unless otherwise instructed.