Grading Policy

This year, your student's performance will be evaluated in a way different than the traditional grading.  Students will have opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge and focus on mastery of specific standards.  This will give the student, teacher, and parent a more accurate picture of the student's knowledge and understanding of the material.  Students will be assessed informally and formally on the 7th grade standards.  

You will see each standard and then the student’s score (0, 2, 3, 4, or 5) once he/she has attempted the skill.  The specific structure of the 4 point scale assigned to them for grading purposes is as follows:

5 means the student can demonstrate mastery and apply the standard in an advanced way and explain to others.

4 means the student can demonstrate mastery of this standard.

3 means the student has some knowledge in the fundamental concepts of this standard.

2 means the student has little knowledge in the fundamental concepts of this standard.  

0 means the student has not completed or attempted the standard. 

Standards will be revisited for review and expansion. So a student who receives a 5 on a standard in trimester 1 will be required to show more understanding and knowledge in trimester 2 for a 5.  It is important for students to continue to review and retain the knowledge since math skills build upon each other.