World History  


Course Description: 

There are two main goals of this course. The first is to help students develop an understanding of civilizations, cultures, discoveries, and events that have shaped our contemporary world. The second is to help students develop the written communication, research, and analytical skills needed to excel in social sciences courses, in college, and in their careers. Per recent changes in the state curriculum, this course is primarily focused on events that happened after 1200 CE. Because historical events and eras are deeply connected and 1200 CE is not a clear dividing line in the history of many civilizations, we will still look at some earlier events, people, and civilizations in order for students to have enough context to understand the last 800 years. 



Homework, handouts, and course syllabus: 

You can find out what your homework is at my Google Classroom page. The access code for World History is s4fj55e You can find instructions for joining my World History Google Classroom page at .


Research Resources:

You can find some suggested online resources at:

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