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Curriculum overview for CASP/ Success 101

Please note that the following topics are listed by subject and not in the order lessons are delivered.  Parenthetical lists tend to include examples and topics covered under the subject heading while outlined lists (a,b,c) tend to mark services students participate in during class or specific lessons students are expected to participate in.


Managing your mindset

  1. What is a growth mindset? (developing a culture of growth mindset is a significant practice throughout the year)

  2. Getting started (strategies for starting/motivating your week, projects, and tasks)

    1. Introducing Plan, Do, Review, and work as process not just results

  3. How to prepare your brain for success (strategies to optimize brain chemistry)

  4. Personal Development Plan- setting goals for personal and academic development

  5. Using the Solve-It Grid (Rosier) to manage tasks (use procrastination effectively)



  1. How to make Study Plans

  2. Organizing materials (different methods for binder organization, backpack filing days, discuss homework stations)

  3. Time management (Use of Pomodoro technique for work sessions, breaks vs. brakes, using timers)

  4. Tracking assignments

    1. Using planner/target sheets/ apps/journals, etc.

    2. Twice a week (+) Powerschool check-in

    3. Daily target list for group (scaffolded system of updating and tracking)


Self Advocacy

  1. Contacting teachers (methods and scaffolded approach)

  2. When and how to get help and find resources

  3. Strategies for managing stress



  1. Limiting distractions in environment (practice turning “filters” on and off, setting up areas for success, special winter break mini lesson on holidays in the house)

  2. Limiting biological distractions (managing caffeine intake, exercise breaks, snacking, etc.)

  3. Using appropriate fidgets strategies


Classroom and Study Skills

  1. Test taking strategies (processing directions, data dumps and visuals, check over routines, mindset to fight anxiety)

  2. Boosting study efficiency - using more than one modality of learning

  3. Note taking

    1. Multiple formats and combined formats

    2. Processing notes

    3. Preparing notes for open note assessments

  4. The Check Over Routine (learning to check own work for completion, accuracy, labeled/headers, and then revising if necessary)

  5. How to work in a study group

  6. Content support

    1. Guided test reviews

    2. Study sessions

    3. Skill lessons for writing (comma usage, thesis writing)

    4. Editorial support

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