Honors English II



 Students enrolled in Honors English II will independently read 3 novels and write 3 essays  during the year. All Honors reading takes places outside of class. Students must commit to following through with honors work as laid out in the honors list of deadlines. Students will select books by non-American or British writers as a form of independent study. The selected texts represent authors of merit, and will prepare students for future reading in college courses. Students must also dedicate the occasional lunch period to work with teachers or other honors students. 




Remote Instruction Notes

  • Honors students will occasionally be required to meet with me during office hours, asynchronous days, and/or Wednesdays.

  • See standards outlined below.


Please note English II and Honors English II learners are combined into one class. Therefore, honors students are expected to take charge of their learning experience, as much of the work is to be done independently. Along with the regular English II coursework and expectations, students enrolled in AP Literature will:


  • Engage in a course of independent writing and reading. 

  • Conference regularly with me to assure that they are fulfilling their potential and achieving their learning goals.

  • Jump into classroom discussion and leadership roles without being prompted by the teacher. 

  • Avidly participate in, and sometimes lead, classroom discussions.

  • Occasionally separate from English II to work with other honors students.


Interested in taking honors? You must let me know and turn in a signed honors contract before Thursday, September 10th.  



All independent reading essays or projects will be prepared at home. Prompts for essays and projects are attached to the honors syllabus. In addition to writing an essay or completing a project, honors students will turn in an annotation guide for each book. They’re permitted and encouraged to reference annotation guides to inspire and inform their work. Honors work will be evaluated and graded according to the standards outlined in essay rubrics. 



Students will reference a variety of materials to approach writing as a process. Consequently, students will compose annotation guides, essay proposals, annotated bibliographies and essays that interpret and analyze the text. Final essays should examine literary elements, analyze the author's craft, and illuminate the overall message of the novel. For each of the required novels, you will:

  • Write a 5-8 page essay

  • Abide by the standards presented in the assignment rubric 

  • Present an argument—a.k.a. your opinion, not a summary

  • Incorporate textual details and examples from the text

  • Incorporate scholarly research from outside sources

  • Include observations of the book's structure, style, or theme 

  • Follow the MLA Format guidelines outlined on Purdue Owl

  • Submit the essay to the google classroom assignment

  • Turn in annotations and other necessary materials  

In the instance that a student is unhappy with his/her grade, they’re welcome to approach me to discuss a rewrite.



Honors students are required to attend a minimum of three student/teacher conferences. Conferences will take place during class, lunch or after school. Students will review their graded essays and teacher feedback before and after our meeting.