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Bienvenue dans le cours de Français 3! 


Welcome to the deeper waters of French 3! You have made it through the beginning and intermediate years! Now that you are swimming wonderfully in the French ocean, you are ready for the third level of language instruction! In this course, we will explore some of the more complex notions of French grammar, all the while reviewing and building upon the vocabulary and grammar you have learned in previous years. You are really going to stretch your linguistic legs this year as you will be asked to develop more and more of your ideas both orally and on written assignments. You will also listen to and read more authentic materials just like native speakers. The class will be taught in French. Students will be expected to converse with the teacher and with each other in French. (Don’t worry! When working on arduous points of grammar, we will use English!) It is a pleasure to accompany you in this pivotal year of your French studies!   


The materials 

  • Our textbook is Bien Dit! 3. Please bring it to class every day. 


Homework (40% of the trimester grade)

No late homework is accepted unless with a valid excuse such as illness. 

  • Homework assignments will be written on the board each day in the classroom and posted on the Google Classroom website.

  • Homework could consist of revision of material, listening to a song or video, a writing assignment, an oral assignment, completing grammar exercises or doing research. 

  • You will be graded on each assignment that you submit. The grade scale is as follows :  a ⇃+ (corresponds to 95),⇃(85) and ⇃- (75) system.  Any effort that warrants less than a 75 will receive a number grade such as 65 or 50. For outstanding work, you will receive a ⇃++ - the equivalent of 100 in the gradebook. 

  • Your effort on these assignments will be taken into consideration as well as your creative approach. 

  • Any assignment you do not submit will be counted as a zero in the grade book.


Quizzes - (vocabulary/culture quizzes are worth 25% and grammar/culture quizzes are worth 25% of the trimester grade)

  • You will have two types of quizzes in this course : vocabulary and grammar/culture

  • You will be given the dates of upcoming quizzes at least one week prior to the quiz. 

  • For all quizzes, there will be a period of revision the day before. 


Participation (10% of the trimester grade) - attitude + effort

  • Do you come to class on time each day with all materials?

  • Do you try hard on each activity and try to speak French as much as possible?

  • Are you respectful of your classmates, the teacher and the classroom?

  • Do you ever come to class with a new French website you have found, article or song that could benefit everyone?


How are year end grades determined?

Trimester 1 grade - 25%

Trimester 2 grade - 25% 

Midterm Exam - 10%

Trimester 3 - 25%

Final Exam - 15%


French is not just work in the classroom!

  • We will have ciné nights, French food, guest speakers and Skype calls with French friends, and playing French games all to practice our French.

  • Interested in sports? We will play and follow French-themed sports and events throughout the year!


Great websites 










  • Great videos that explain French concepts in less than 2 minutes – UN JOUR UNE QUESTION –


Please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time about any aspect of the course. I welcome your questions, feedback and suggestions. Let’s make this a great year together! ~Mme Derfeuil

Français 3

Course Sequence


Trimester 1

Trimester 2

Trimester 3

  • Back to school activities and classes, after school activities, summer activities

  • Le passé composé et l’imparfait

  • Le jeu de 7 familles

  • Reciprocal actions and emotions, life events

  • Reciprocal verbs

  • The past conditional

  • Stress pronouns

  • Film : Cyrano de Bergerac

  • Natural phenomena, environmental issues and solutions

  • Prepositions

  • The subjunctive after prepositions

  • Pollution

  • Professions, services, telephone and letter vocabulary

  • The future tense

  • The future perfect

  • French perfume

  • Job search

  • Nature and animals, extreme outdoor sports

  • apporter/ emporter, emmener, amener

  • À ou de after the infinitive

  • Outdoor sports

  • Political campaigns, government services

  • French governments

  • Interrogative pronouns

  • The past subjunctive

  • Each and every one

  • Democracy in France

  • Legends, fairy tales, fables, historical accounts from Africa

  • Adjectives and placements

  • The past perfect 

  • The indirect discourse

  • The past infinitive

  • Maghrébins in France

  • World War I

  • Film : Joyeux Noël

  • Newspapers, magazines, the news

  • Something, nothing

  • Interrogative pronouns

  • French in Canada

  • Film : La grande séduction

  • Negative expressions

  • Journalism, the media

  • Fine arts, performing arts

  • Poetry and sculpture, museums

  • The airport, travel

  • Write a play!

  • Summer!!!