Intro to Math I (Blended with NCVPS)  

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OCS Introduction to Mathematics

Course Code: 9220BX0

Course Offering: Semester for 1 credit


Course Description

This course is intended for Occupational Course of Study (OCS) students who will be working with both their face-to-face classroom teacher and an NCVPS online teacher.  The Introduction to Mathematics Course teaches the Essential Standards for Introductory Math and prepares the students for Math 1.  This course blends the best of online and classroom activities. 

Students learn introductory algebra and other important life-skills in nine engaging units covering

working with numbers

fractions and decimals

rates and ratios

time and measurement

working with algebraic expressions

solving equations and inequalities

working with points and lines

working with data sets

working with basic geometric figures.


Technology skills will be honed throughout the course by working with a graphing calculator and using the computer in a variety of ways. 

Pre-Assessments and Check Your Knowledge quizzes will be used as diagnostic tools, lessons present the content, Completion Activities allow the students to practice a skill set, Mastery Assignments and Summative Assessments measure student understanding, and Remediation Assignments allow students to review.  This course is designed to be implemented in a blended learning environment with collaborative instruction delivered by an online highly-qualified high school math teacher as well as a face-to-face OCS teacher.  Ideally, the delivery of instruction includes regular computer use as well as time to work on “hands-on” activities.




8th Grade Math or Equivalent.


Course Materials

Graphing calculators (TI-83 or TI-84) are required.

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