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High School

In the high school we have a strong sense for what we do best, which is to create an environment where each student is . . .

  • known well by his/her teachers and peers,
  • challenged as an individual, and
  • taught by teachers who have a deep passion for their subjects and who care about the art of teaching.

As core beliefs, these are simple statements – but in the context of American secondary education, they make us practically counter-cultural.

Being a small school means that Woods is a safe, friendly, and personable place to learn.  Yet, we have chosen to be small for reasons beyond the atmosphere and the “feel of the place.”  In fact, being small has even more to do with our fundamental beliefs in how adolescents learn to use their minds.  Real, lasting learning takes place in the context of a relationship—a relationship that extends beyond one class or one year.

Our teachers are ready to engage and ready to challenge young minds.  The high school at Woods is not the place for students who want to hide out or scoot by anonymously.  It is the place for students who are ready to take an active part in their learning. 

Questions? Please email High School Director Adrienne Berg at