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Exceptional Children’s Program

“A disability is not an inability”

“When a student does better, they try harder”

“All students can reach their full potential; they just may take different paths”.

Our EC Program encompasses identification and a full continuum of special education programs and related services for students who are eligible for special education. We provide exemplary educational services for students with disabilities by implementing individualized education plans utilizing research- and standards-based interventions and instruction. We believe that all students can and will reach their full potential.



The talented staff that work in EC:

Kathleen St.Lawrence: EC & 504 Coordinator  919-960-8353 x450

Debbie Hoodiman: High School Resource Room 919-960-8353

Amber Bates: K-4 Resource Room 919-960-8353

Courtney Wilson: High School Occupational Course of Study:  919-960-8353

Kari MacLean: K-8 Resource Room  919-960-8353

David Johnson: 5-8 Resource Room  919-960-8353 x237

Lynne Giguere: 5-8 Resource Room 919-960-8353 x237

Amy Odom: Speech Language Pathologist: K-12 919-960-8353

Angela Bell: Occupational Therapist: K-12  919-960-8353 

Beth Thomas: EC Student Aide  919-960-8353

Jesse Wilcox K-12 Registered Behavior Technician   919-960-8353

Kate Romatzick EC Teaching Assistant: K-8 919-960-8353


EC News….

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Destruction of EC Files

According to school policy, Woods Charter School hereby gives notice that special education records are no longer needed to provide educational services to individuals with disabilities who have left the school and have reached the age of 25 years. The school will destroy these special education records, once public notice has been given, on September 1, 2023. Destruction of these records reduces risks of improper and unauthorized disclosure of personal information.

Please be aware that a person having special education records on file with Woods Charter School, may need these records for social security benefits, legal defense or for other purposes in the future. Any person wishing  to review  or retain his or her file should contact the School’s EC Coordinator, Kathleen St.Lawrence at by September 1, 2023.