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Elementary School

What Do We Do Best:

 We believe students learn best when they feel known and are encouraged to work to the best of their ability. We combine rigorous academics with social and emotional learning instruction.  With our small classroom sizes, we can cultivate an environment where they are encouraged to make mistakes, to wonder and notice, and to know and to grow themselves.

 It is a challenge and a joy to embrace daily learning, to find the satisfaction in the struggle, to attain mastery, and to continually reach for more and deeper understanding! We have a unique and talented group of teachers who:

  • Foster bridging relationships with each family inside and outside the classroom

  • Collaborate with fellow elementary classrooms

  • Cultivate unique buddy relationships with middle school and high school students as we are a K-12 school

  • Use hands-on and STEM projects to deepen learning and create meaningful learning experiences

  • Strive to challenge themselves to evolve as teachers yearly

What Sets Us Apart:

Our Elementary staff creates a unique environment of not only exceptional instruction but of meaningful relationships and responsibility. Our teachers are freed up to enhance their instruction because they are not limited by excess testing and paperwork of traditional public schools. Woods is a place where everyone knows your name and parents are a visible presence in the hallways and office daily. They are an instrumental part of the daily success of our students and our school community.

As an elementary community, we love to

  • Dig into the rich content of our two curriculums (Core Knowledge & Common Core)

  • Build our muscles of logic and curiosity,

  • Investigate and prove our thinking through mathematics,

  • Enjoy and analyze good literature,

  • Process our thoughts through writing,

  • And honor ourselves and others through the pursuit of truth and kindness.  

Our teachers are experts at modifying lessons for students with areas of growth and extending lessons for students with additional strengths. Here in this community, we embrace and hold every elementary member to the standard of being their own best self. We are a Woods family.