Lunch Program


Our program offers both catered lunch​ and a la carte service every day except on early release days.  We partner with local restaurants daily to provide nutritious and appealing lunch option at an affordable price.  A la carte items are also available for purchase during lunch periods and the mid-morning break for high school students.

Our current lunch vendors include Guanajuato, Kerala Curry, Carolina Brewery, Hibachi Xpress, Harris Teeter, Chick­fil­a, Gourmet Plus Catering, and Papa John’s.  A complete menu can be viewed on the lunch website at

We offer a la carte lunch items such as variety of Lean Cuisine Meals, Amy’s Burritos, Morning Star corn dogs, Lean & Hot Pockets, Uncrustables, Easy Mac and Campbell’s chicken noodle soup.  For a quick snack, we offer yogurt, cheese sticks, Babybel, carrots, humus, applesauce, granola bars, various chips, Gold fish, trail mix, and seasonal fruit.


  • Every student automatically has a lunch account but it must be linked to their Parent’s account.  To do this, parents can visit to request an account.  Click on Register for New Account on the main page.  Enter the requested information and you will receive an email from the system to confirm your email address.  Once that’s been done, you can link your student to your account. 
  • To link your student to your account, you will need a Powerschool number.  For the new incoming students, this number will be available in the early August when your packet is mailed to you by the school registrar.  If you have a continuing student and do not know the Powerschool number, you can contact Anna Thrower at for assistance.
  • Once your account is set up, you are able to order lunches.  We serve 1% white/chocolate  milk that can be purchased daily or annually.  The sign up for the annual milk program happens in the beginning of the school year during August and September.
  • The catered lunch must be pre-ordered on our website by Saturday prior to the week.  After making selections on the menu, the order must be checked out and paid with either credit card online or a check.  Checks can be dropped off at the front office after the order is placed.  You will receive a confirmation email if the order was complete
  • A La Carte items can be purchased with cash or charge to their account.  We extend a credit limit of $25.00, thereafter, cash must be used until the balance is paid.   Also, parents can pre-pay with checks to create funds for their student to use during a la carte purchase.

Additional Info