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Principal's Page



Welcome to Woods!  Thank you for visiting our website.  We think there's a lot of our school's character conveyed in the pages here, but we also know there's nothing quite like visiting Woods in person to gain a real sense of the place.

It's a privilege and an honor to be the principal of this school where I have worked for the past seventeen years.  I believe in this school and what we're trying to accomplish, and my love for the place and the people of Woods runs deep. 

At this vibrant and creative house of learning that is Woods Charter School, we're creating a school where . . .

  • relationships matter and community is an active, essential force in our pedagogy,
  • students are highly engaged in their education and fired up about learning,
  • the life of the mind and the life of the heart are both deeply respected,
  • students feel free to be themselves and always challenged to discover and achieve the best versions of themselves,
  • respect and civility rule,
  • we're allowed to have fun and laugh,
  • parents are welcomed, not shunned,
  • teachers are treated with respect and encouraged to become the teachers they dream of becoming.

Our young school has come a long way in just two decades, and it's clear to me that we have some great work ahead.


Cotton Bryan