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Our Solar Array

In 2020 we installed a solar array on the roof our building.  Our goals were to . . . 

  • save the school money by lowering our utility bill,
  • reduce the school's carbon burden, and 
  • model sustainability for our students,

We partnered with Eagle Solar and Light for installation and management of the array.


Some things to know about our system:

  • System Size:  276kw DC
  • 864 panels
  • Estimated Annual Production: 336,911kWh
  • 25-Year Production: 7,706,570kWh
  • 25-Year GHG Emission Equivalent: 5,449 metric tons
  • Modeled Annual Energy Savings: $27,151
  • Estimated 25-Year Savings: $798,398
  • We received a rebate from the Duke Progress of $75,000 for this project.

Solar Array