Whom Do I Contact When?

Last Updated: 1/16/2019 4:04 PM

What if I have a question or concern about...

a specific class?

First, the classroom teacher.

If the teacher's response is not sufficient, contact the homeroom advisor or the high school director.

my child's schedule?

Contact Adrienne Berg or the homeroom advisor.

  my child's progress or report card?

Contact the homeroom advisor.

that extends beyond a particular class?

Contact the homeroom advisor.

the school's transportation service?

Contact Ann Kaiyala at akaiyala@woodscharter.org.

the high school director?

First, the High School Director.

If the director's response is not sufficient, contact the Principal.

the college counseling process?

Contact the Senior Advisor or High School Director.

the community service requirement?

Contact the High School Director.

the school's Exceptional Children Program?

Contact the EC Director, Kathleen St. Lawrence, at kstlawrence@woodscharter.org.

enrollment or admissions?

Contact Roz Grant at rgrant@woodscharter.org.


Contact the Registrar, Anna Thrower, at athrower@woodscharter.org.