Assitant Athletic Director



As a teacher at Woods Charter School and a parent of two young athletes, I’m excited to join Dena Floyd (Athletic Director) and Carmen Wood (Assistant Athletic Director) as an Assistant Athletic Director for Woods Charter School.  Sports and teamwork have always been central to my life.  I’ve always loved to compete and I’ve always valued being part of a team.  Even as a kindergartener, I can remember choosing outfits that were conducive to a playground kickball game.  

In middle school, I played softball, basketball and ran track.  In high school, I began to focus on basketball more so than other sports. I earned a full 4-year athletic scholarship to Augusta State University.  I was a member of the Lady Jaguar Basketball Team for 4 years and the Cross Country Team for 3 years. 

I believe that healthy competition and participation in sports has physical and mental benefits.  Athletes build strong healthy muscles, learn to set attainable goals, and develop teamwork and leadership skills.  Participation in sports offers opportunities for social connections and for student-athletes to sharpen their socialization skills.  

Woods is a great place for anyone, with or without experience, to try a sport.  Students, I encourage you to try at least one sport this year.       

Aimee Haygood-