Enrichments F.A.Q.

What are Enrichments?
A program in the winter for middle and high school students where we take on topics of study that differ from our regular day-to-day classes.

What is the purpose of Enrichments?
We have five main goals/purposes with Enrichments:

  • Engage students and teachers in different kinds of learning (not regularly offered in the WCS curriculum) without letter grades attached.
  • Connect students across grade levels.
  • Develop student leadership and responsibility.
  • Build community within the larger Woods community.
  • Forge deeper connections between faculty and students.

How did Enrichments come about?
The original idea was brought to us nine years ago by one of our high school teachers who had experienced a variation of Enrichments at another school – and admired it for the way it fulfilled the above goals.

When do Enrichments meet?
On Friday afternoons from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. for eight weeks.  All regular classes still meet on Friday, but for an abbreviated schedule, allowing a two-hour afternoon block for Enrichments.

Can a student lead an Enrichment?
We encourage our older students to propose and plan Enrichment offerings that align with their particular interests and skills.  If a student leads an Enrichment, he/she always has a faculty member with which to co-lead.

Do students get to choose their Enrichments?
Each year we publish our current year’s offerings (roughly 28-34 different offerings), and students individually rank their top choices.  We try to assign students to their #1 choice when we can manage it.  Historically, all students have been assigned to one of their top three choices.

Can students change Enrichments once they’re assigned?
No.  Students stay in their assigned Enrichment for the full eight-week period.

Whom can I contact if I have other questions about Enrichments?
Your child’s advisor.
The middle school director, Cindy Sperry.
The high school director, Adrienne Berg.