School Supplies List

High School
TI-84 Plus C graphing calculator

High school students all need access to general school supplies such as loose-leaf paper, pens, pencils, and binders or folders to organize their work.

A USB flash drive is required for each student. Please label with your name!

Some classes require specific items, listed below. More information will be available during Orientation.

Biology Notebook with tabs

Chemistry Composition book for labs (please no spiral notebooks), a 3 ring binder and a calculator with scientific notation (same one as math would work great)

Physics 3-ring binder, TI-84CE calculator

Math (all levels) TI-84CE graphing calculator, 2” binder

US History spiral or loose-leaf notebook

Sketchbook (8.5x11" or 9x12")
Regular (pink or white) eraser
Kneaded eraser
Set of pencils (6H-6B)
Glue sticks

Use of a planner or digital organization calendar is required. Planners will be available for sale at the beginning of school.


Do I need a laptop?

Students use digital platforms for writing, planning, checking assignments, communication with teachers, collaboration, and course content. Students at Woods are not required to bring their own laptops, but may find it useful. 

The school has Chrome Books available for teachers to reserve and students have access to the technology lab during the lunch period.

A Chrome Book, tablet, or other device will be very handy throughout a student's high school career.