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Exceptional Children’s Program

“A disability is not an inability”

“When a student does better, they try harder”

“All students can reach their full potential they just may take different paths”.

Our EC Program encompasses identification and a full continuum of special education programs and related services for students who are eligible for special education. We provide exemplary educational services for students with disabilities by implementing individualized education plans utilizing research- and standards-based interventions and instruction. We believe that all students can and will reach their full potential.



The talented staff that work in EC:

Kathleen St.Lawrence: EC & 504 Coordinator kstlawrence@woodscharter.org  919-960-8353 x450

Karen Scriven: High Needs Resource Room kscriven@woodscharter.org 919-960-8353

Amber Bates: K-4 Resource Room abates@woodscharter.org 919-960-8353

Brittany Wilson: 5-8 Resource Room bwilson@woodscharter.org 919-960-8353

Rachel Holley: 5-12 Resource Room rholley@woodscharter.org 919-960-8353x237

Beth Hoffman: 9-12 Resource Room bhoffman@woodscharter.org  919-960-8353




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