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One of the best decisions I ever made in my life was choosing a career in education.  After matriculating at Elon University, earning a degree in Social Science Education, I accepted a position as a history teacher at Western Alamance High School.  The path twisted a bit when I made the decision to temporarily exit the classroom.  Years later, I found myself involved as a reading tutor to elementary school students.  Realizing I needed to find my way back into teaching, I accepted a full time social studies teaching position at a middle school in 2013.  Working with preteens was different, but invigorating.  In 2016, I joined the Woods' community and have found great fulfillment in being a part of this outstanding school that allows me to be creative and collaborative both inside and out of the classroom.  I learn something new everyday working with kids, and as a bonus, they give me great hope for the future. 

When I am not in the classroom, you can find me taking long evening walks in my neighborhood, straining to hear the various bird calls coming from the trees (Ornithology fascinates me) or doing some kind of daily yoga.  I also enjoy eating and preparing good, healthy meals with my family.  It nourishes more than my body, it feeds my soul.  Reading is another passion of mine, and I will often be involved with two to three books at a time.  I love to vacation at the beach, yet my dream vacation would be to visit Scotland and Iceland.  Horseback riding has brought me great pleasure, as it too has been a hobby that I have taken up since I turned 40 (like regular nature walks and yoga).