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As I enter my 25th year teaching - 18 of which has been at Woods- I continue to be excited to work with students!  I am a high school science teacher - teaching AP and Honors Environmental Science and Marine Science.  As part of the Environmental class, I am pleased to continue the Tremont trip to the Smokey Mountains which will be held April 6-8, 2022.

My goal for all my classes is for students to become more AWARE of issues and for them to ask questions and seek answers. 

I have a Bachelor's degree in Biological Science from Manhattan College in Riverdale, NY.  I  hold a Masters of Arts in Science Education from New York University and a Masters in Education in School Counseling from North Carolina State University.  In January 2021, I completed an addiotnal 50+ hoursto recertify as a NC Certified Environmental Educator.  I am an alumni of a UNC-Chapel Hill Fellowship program entitled C.L.I.M.A.T.E and a UNC Energy Fellow. Ths Spring I completed a series of three graduate courses offered by the Meterology Society of American (certification pending).

I have teaching certificates in New York State, New York City and North Carolina for Science grades 6-12.  In addition, I am a Licensed School Counselor for K-12 in North Carolina.  

The most appealing aspect of Woods for me is the relationships that are formed between the staff and students.  I can remember that ONE teacher in my HS career who was there for me, encouraged me and picked me up when I fell down.  Each day I teach, I aspire to be that ONE teacher for a student!  At Woods, these relationships are encouraged, fostered and are the cornerstone of our community.  It is the "Woods Way"!

Furthermore, please note that I use Google Classroom for all my classes, all handouts and PowerPoints are loaded onto these pages weekly.  Additionally, at least 80% of all our work will be submitted digitally via the Google Classroom, regardless if we are remote, hybrid or face to face.  IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOUR CHILD HAVE A DEVICE THAT HE/SHE/THEY CAN ACCESS BOTH AT HOME OR AT SCHOOL.  I have added the course syllabi, grading policy and course outline for ALL courses here, please refer to these documents as references.