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Welcome!  My name is Rachel Lawrence and I currently teach AP Statistics, and Computer Science at Woods. I also teach any of Math 1 through Math 4 as needed. I believe every student has the potential to be successful in math class and I work hard to support that potential in my students.  I see my role in the classroom as a facilitator and my courses are generally structured more like workshops than lectures.  To be successful in my classes students should be prepared to take responsibility for their learning, work well in groups, and practice skills like self assessment regularly.

AP Statistics and Math 1 both use the CPM curriculum, which is structured around collaborative learning and problem based learning.  Computer science courses are also structured around a problem based learning model.  This style of learning may be new to parents or students, but is well grounded in research and a core tenet of the math department at Woods.  You can read more about the curriculum and the research behind it at

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