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The most important reason that I teach stems from my background in both Math and Special Education. Intrinsically, I believe that every child can learn, some may learn more than others and in different ways, but all can learn. I share my enthusiasm for learning with my students and encourage them to be their personal best by becoming critical, creative thinkers, and interested in learning. The term learning applies not only to education but is equally important in terms of social, emotional, and behavioral areas as well. An important goal of mine is to positively influence students by showing them how they are valued individuals who should always strive for self-improvement and that everyone should be respected, recognized for their work, and encouraged to share ideas. Not only helping them to develop their minds in terms of education, but also helping them develop tools for overcoming difficulties in all aspects of their lives. Having the desire and dedication to helping each child reach their full potential and encourage them to become lifelong learners is essential to me being a teacher.