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Woods Charter School Room 152

Class Site: Mrs. Fields' Flamingos


Mrs. Fields enjoying a sweet treat with her daughters at Duck, NC.

I do my best to: learn, especially when I'm leading, pay attention to how those I am leading are feeling, and make sure they know that I care and they matter. 
I love building, creating, and being innovative. Our youth is our best investment. Be kind. 


Hello, I am Sara Fields, and I am so excited to become part of the Woods team. I am a mom of three and an avid dog lover. Most of my classroom experience stems from teaching 3rd grade at Hillsborough Elementary School. I look forward to getting to know each of my students, their interests, and what things are important in their lives. I hope to radiate an energy in the classroom that brings learning to life and inspires my students to engage.

The opportunity to delve into the Woods Charter Community is spine tingling. I have loved this school since the day I stepped foot in it, during my year of student teaching. I won’t note when that was. The students and staff here molded me into the teacher I needed to be. A teacher who wants to be part of an education system that blooms with the belief that all individuals can make positive contributions to society. My teaching philosophy is encased by the fact that students should be the focal point of education. I understand that students must feel a purpose and real world connection during their learning process.  I will emphasize time on task and communicate high expectations while enthusiastically assisting the students in reaching those expectations. I respect diversity and hope to detect and incorporate students’ preexisting talents, experiences, and ways of learning into each day we spend together. 

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