Photo of whole faculty at opening faculty orientation 2019 We value our collaborative community, which is an essential catalyst for academic growth, physical and emotional well being, and artistic expression. Class of 2018
We value strong relationships characterized by mutual respect and trust. We value an awareness of and engagement with the world that compels students to active lives of service.

News & Announcements

May Board Meeting Board Meeting

The WCS Board will hold its regular May meeting this coming Thursday at 7:00 p.m. in The Glade.

Livestream information under Read More.

WCS Board Elections 2022 2022 School Board Elections

We have five parents who have offered applications for the four available seats on the Woods School Board.  Please click on a name to view the application.

Andrew Borum
Robb Czyzewski
Andrew Fisher
Doreen Messick
Jeremy Moulton


Voting will take place at the following times ONLY! . . .

Welcome to Middle School Zoom Middle School

As we wrap up the school year, we look forward to welcoming our rising 5th graders to middle school!

We understand that beginning middle school comes with many questions, so to help ease the transition, 5th-grade advisors will host a Zoom meeting to share the structure of middle school at Woods.

During this 20-minute virtual meeting, we plan to share an informational slideshow. If you can’t attend, no worries! This slideshow will be emailed to all parents as a resource following the meeting.

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End of Year Testing Dates & Volunteer Opportunities Testing

Click "Read More" for a list of testing dates for grades 3-12, as well as volunteer needs.




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