World History Research Resources


The following are links to websites with a variety of resources to help students in their research.  These contain both general research and primary documents. Remember, copying text word for word is PLAGIARISM. Plagiarism will not only result in a zero on an assignment and disciplinary action from the school, it is also illegal.  It is also plagiarism if you use information without crediting the source.

ALWAYS cite your sources!

African History Sourcebook

Ancient World History Sourcebook Great Books Online

East Asian History Sourcebook

Eyewitness to History

Federal Resources for Education Excellence

Global History Sourcebook

History of Science Sourcebook

Indian History Sourcebook


Islamic History Sourcebook

Jewish History Sourcebook

Medieval Sourcebook

Modern World History Sourcebook

National Geographic History

National History Day Primary Sources for World History

Primary Sources on the Web

Questia- The Online Library of Books and Journals

The Encyclopedia of World History

Women's History Sourcebook

WWW-VL World History Index and History Central Catalogue