Lunch Program


Lunch Program


The Woods Charter School Lunch Program was created by and is supported entirely by the PTSA and parent volunteers, with all proceeds going to the school.  Please consider joining our crew of lunch volunteers.


Catered Lunch is offered every full school day and must be pre-ordered on-line.  Lunches can be pre-ordered by week or months in advance.  Order must be placed by Saturday midnight prior to the coming week for the order to be processed.  Payments for Catered Lunches and A La Carte can be made by credit card online or by checks dropped off at the front office.  When writing a check, please make payable to Woods Charter PTSA and indicate student’s name on the memo line.  Our current lunch vendors include Guanajuato, Harris Teeter (subs, salad and Sushi), Chick-fil-a, BellaDonna,  PapaJohn and specialty curry dishes from Kerala Curry.  


A La Carte items are available for purchase during lunch periods every school day.  Examples include:  juice, yogurt, Babybel, carrots and humus, applesauce, granola bars, chips, Amy’s burritos, Lean Pockets, Lean Cuisine Meals, Uncrustables, Easy Mac and Healthy Choice soups.  A La Carte items can be purchased by cash or charging to individual lunch account.


Milk (plain 2% or lowfat chocolate) is purchased on a yearly plan or can be purchased daily.  The milk is distributed to participating students at lunch time.  For more information please contact


If your child misses school due to illness or any other unexpected event, you will not receive a refund, as the orders to vendors can not be changed with a short notice.  Please consider it a donation to the Woods PTSA!  However, if you know in advance that your child will be on a field trip or you have a planned absence, you can make a request by sending an email to and receive credit for cancelled meals.


Please contact Jamie Horil for any questions regarding the Lunch Program at


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