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February Board Packet

Principal's ReportOur January board meeting was snowed out. The February Board Packet and Principal's Report are here.

Ten More Years

charter renewal

The process of renewing a charter school's charter (its permission to operate as a public school) is a two-year process.  We have just received the good news that the State Board of Education has renewed our charter for another ten years!  Our current charter was set to expire this coming June.  Now we get to enjoy another decade (at least!) of building Woods!

Our official notice is here.

Revitalizing Recycling

We've always had recycling in our Great Room (and throughout the school), but we're working with our students to find ways to further diminish what we send to the landfill. 

Recently, Jim Malone and Gary Angus devised two new recycling stations for the Great Room that . . .
1) look very different from the regular trash cans, and
2) help students figure what can and cannot be recycled. 

For the next two weeks we have students and parent volunteers on hand to help roll out the new recycling system.  We started that work today -- and we were in awe of all the specific, earnest questions that the students brought to us!

Our older students are working on next steps:

  • What composting options might we implement for food waste at lunch?
  • How can we work with outside vendors to lower/stop the amount of styrofoam containers and plastic single-use utensils that they bring to lunch?
  • Will anyone compost our brown paper towels from handwashing stations in the restrooms?



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