This Year's School Calendar

Calendar 2017-18

Here's our calendar for school year 2017-18.  The main calendar features of note are . . . 

  • August 22nd start date.  We open with two early dismissal days.
  • We again created a full-day faculty professional development day in the fall (during the students’ fall break) with the hope that the faculty can return to Chestnut Ridge or a similar venue for the day for deeper reflection and bonding.
  • We again close the first trimester just before the week of Thanksgiving.  Monday and Tuesday of Thanksgiving week will be work days for faculty as they complete grading and write report cards.  Students will thus have the full week of Thanksgiving off.
  • Two full weeks off at Winter Break, and the weeks are “bounded” by weekends.
  • Spring Break remains the last week of March.
  • School ends on Thursday, June 7th, with graduation on the 9th.
  • An 8:20 a.m. start time and a 3:05 p.m. end time.  (The same as this year.)
  • We have again minimized the number of early release days since those can be difficult on parents.  This draft has a total of four: the first two opening days, a fall parent-teacher conference day, and the last day of school.
  • This calendar allows us to absorb the first few snow days and delayed openings as we have extra hours folded into the plan.

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