Senior Advisors

At Woods, we use an advisory model to build relationships and support students as they engage in the college process.  Our Senior Advisors specialize in guiding students through essential conversations and considerations during their final year of high school, and provide a focal point for questions, clarity, and direction.  Each has experience and knowledge to help students identify the next step on the path to the "world beyond Woods."

Andy Nelson   Andy Nelson graduated from Earlham College with a BA in History and  MAT in Social Studies Education.

John Sheridan earned his Bachelor's degree in Engineering from Penn State University, and his MS in Natural Sciences from Rennselaer University. He is a National Board-certified teacher. 

Suzanne Sikes    Suzanne Sikes graduated from Davidson College with  a BS in Biology and earned a PhD in Pharmacology from                                      Vanderbilt University.  She earned her MAT from Duke University.