Welcome to Woods Charter School



We envision a world where every young person wholeheartedly engages in 

an extraordinary educational journey that leads to a life of leadership and service.




Woods Charter School empowers students to achieve their full potential. We develop young citizens equipped with a solid academic foundation, a passion for learning, and exemplary character.




Woods Charter School is a grade K-12 public school, founded in 1998 by parents.


  • Free tuition and open to all NC students
  • Over 95% graduation rate
  • Fully equipped building opened in August 2008
  • Ranked "top ten" on SAT scores in NC
  • Ranked among the top US high schools by US News & World Report and The Washington Post
  • NC Honor School of Excellence
  • More than 12 Advanced Placement courses
  • Personalized college counseling assistance
  • Greater than 90% acceptance to four-year colleges/universities

Building will be CLOSED to all WCS students, faculty, & community members from 12pm on Sunday 8/3/14 until 12pm on Sunday 8/10/14 so floors can be redone.